My last word on AI generated content.

Notice on AI generated text

A lot of people seem to think I want to read fiction generated by a computer that's good at guessing what word should go next.

I do not. I have zero interest in reading things written by machines. I'm not interested in it as a writing tool, aid, or replacement. I'm not interested in machine generated images replacing human artists and designers.

I want to read things written by humans for humans. I want to write for other humans, not for machines to consume.

So, that's what the notice at the top of the page is about. It's not complicated, and no it's not up for debate. My policy on machine generated writing.

Site Update

Just a note to let you know that you are not seeing things (well, you probably are). Yes, the site has been redesigned. It seemed a good time to emphasis the words more.

Some things are currently missing (like the podcast/newsletter) but archives will return before too long. If you want to read my stuff, that's a bit more organized and more stuff will be coming there as well.

Also note that my RSS feed might have suffered in the move so all the old posts might show up as new. I hope that does not give you much trouble.

Pay-What-You-Want Ending for The Embassy Novels

Last year I set my Embassy novels to Pay-What-You-Want to give folks something to read during lockdown (and help me out while while paying work is sparse). It was always intended to be a temporary perk to offset the gloom of the onset of the pandemic.

Well, here we are, 18 months later and… well, here we are. Despite my best efforts the pandemic is still with us. Unfortunately the special pricing is coming to an end. You have until midnight Pacific time on September 30th to visit my shop and get them now, or select Buy -> Digital Direct From Author on the carousel at the top or bottom of this page.

Remember: Name Your Price can include $0.00!

As of October 1st the prices will go back to what you expect for professionally written and edited novels.

Embassy Books Now Pay-What-You-Want To Help Fight Pandemic Boredom

Because the pandemic has a lot of people feeling both poor and bored, I've set my Embassy books to Pay What You Want for the duration. Yes, that includes $0.00, and don't hesitate to use that option if that's all you have.

The Embassy books are fun and optimistic. If that's the kind of thing you can use, visit my shop and get them now, or select Buy -> Digital Direct From Author on the carousel at the top of the page.

Reader's Room : Announcement

The Reader's Room is coming to a close. I've enjoyed doing it for you, and I'll leave it up so you can listen again or share it with others.

Here are some good reads to tide you over until you find the next thing:

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