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Read What I've Written

A selection of things I've written, ordered by length.

Novels And Novellas

Longer stuff that you really want to find a comfy place to sit because it will take at least a couple of hours to read.

The Embassy Series

My ongoing series of novels about the 48 extraterrestrial intelligences that suddenly came to Earth, and the guy who has to stay on top of them who is in over his head.

Book 1: Clash of Cultures

Benjamin Taylor is just an ordinary guy with a crappy boss who is forced to have dinner with creepy extraterrestrials. No one knows what they want or why they’re here, and it’s Benjamin’s to find out without causing an interstellar incident.

This does not happen. Read the first few chapters

Book 2: Faults of Perception

When a meeting with an extraterrestrial envoy is rudely interrupted by an assassin, escalating threats put all of humanity at risk. It’s up to Earth’s overworked, under-appreciated junior ambassador to get to the bottom of a conspiracy while keeping Earth from starting a war it cannot fight, much less win. Read the first few chapters

Book 3: Shards of Loyalty

For three years the Extraterrestrial Contact and Outreach Organization maintained something like peace with the mysterious extraterrestrials. Then one the the Extras burns a scar across Earth, and uncounted thousands are dead. When Earth Ambassador Benjamin Taylor is relieved of his job, will anyone be able to get to the bottom of this unprovoked attack before it happens again? Read the first few chapters

Book 4: Force of Destruction

After a decade, Earth is organizing to stand up to the threat of the Forty-Eight. But for the last thousand years, every planet that has resisted has been reduced to a lifeless shell. Earth’s best hope has been demoted and tucked away in a forgotten corner. Can he find his way out of the classroom and among the stars before Earth joins all if its predecessors? Coming soon!

Shorter stuff

Short stories and other things you might be able to finish in a long bus ride or before bed.

Ascension Day

Ascension Day is the anniversary of the day you emigrated from Earth's surface.

Everyone has a reason for leaving Earth. Not everyone has a reason to celebrate. Or maybe they do and they'd don't know it yet.

Set in my slowly unfolding universe† in the scrappy, and sometimes desperate asteroid mining outpost around Earth, small discoveries are being made and meaningful connections are being forged.


So slowly unfolding that I don't have a reliable name for it. All the obvious names (orbital, escape velocity, ecliptic, and so on) are already taken by existing series.

Very Short Stuff

Flash fiction and things that will only take a handful of minutes to read.


Helen Magazine teamed up with the Neon Museum to sponsor a bit of literary inspiration. The Neon Museum is one of my favorite places in Las Vegas, naturally full of untold stories. Thanks to the staff of both places, I was able to tell one of them. Rebuilding is more literary and less science fictiony than what you might be used to from me, but it's a nice short tale of two people building something new in the desert.

Read my (winning!) short story:
Read at Helen or Read right here (6 minute read.)