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A.I.nktober 2019 Index

Janelle Shane fed a neural net with a bunch of drawing prompts, and turned up the heat until it boiled over. I decided they made fantastic writing prompts and spent the month of October writing a new tiny story* every day. Below are the results of this experiment.

These are all quick (under two hours) writing experiments. They are very lightly edited. Some are underdeveloped, but they are all more or less complete.


*Stories in the broadest sense. Some are fully formed, some are jokes, others are like slowly panning across a photograph.

Day 1: Tiny Cod Flames Rise (3 minute read)
Young Grace finds some solace. contemplative
Day 2: Spoon Creatures (4 minute read)
Finding a place to belong when you're literally not the sharpest knife in the drawer. fantastic high-weirdness fairytale
Day 3: String Of Solid Ground (2 ½ minute read)
Trying to stay ahead of things. action
Day 4: Astral Egg (5 minute read)
When you make the initial discovery, the revelations keep coming. science fiction
Day 5: Forest Of Beast (2 minute read)
What must it be like to live on the ground? speculative fiction
Day 6: Planetqueen (4 minute read)
Gwen decides to go well outside of her comfort zone. science fiction-ish
Day 7: Damselcoil (2 minute read)
Damsels and distress comes in many forms. swords and sorcery
Day 8: Holeyfish (1 ½ minute read)
Troubles at the wedding chapel. goofy high weirdness
Day 9: Vengeful Moon (4 ½ minute read)
How did we get here, to the end of the world? contemplative science fiction
Day 10: Pin Goose (1 minute read)
The tools for writing have an opinion on what is being written. (Interpreted as 'pen goose') goofy historical
Day 11: Whoop (1 minute read)
Part 1: An exorcist faces an unexpected challenge. ghost
Day 12: Complete Whoop (2 minute read)
Part 2: An exorcist faces an unexpected challenge. ghost
Day 13: Mouse Odor (2 minute read)
The things you find when you're working on an old houseā€¦ fantasy
Day 14: Hyper Large (1 ½ minute read)
Someone had the bright idea to put a brain in a building. high weirdness science fiction
Day 15: Bug In Human Shape (2 ½ minute read)
Might be the best Tinder date that Gregor Samsa can find. fantasy high weirdness
Day 16: Scarfed Mystery (1 ½ minute read)
The evidence is clear. Maybe that's the problem. police procedural dogs
Day 17: Ornery Beach Sheep (2 ½ minute read)
They'll let you put just about anything in a will. In this case her name is Buttercup. oddness
Day 18: Fur Splashing (½ minute read)
"Otter! What is best in life?" goofy parody
Day 19: Cat Becomes Abundant (2 minute read)
Grad students, breaking the universe again. science fiction cats
Day 20: Three Courageous Frog (2 ½ minute read)
This Three Musketeers adventure gets edited out of most editions. fantasy
Day 21: Two Blocks Squishy (½ minute read)
Josh should have known it was too simple. (A very short thing, with an explanation thats longer than the story.)goofy horror
Day 22: Satisfying Crash (4 minute read)
Putting problems in prison doesn't make them disappear. science fiction
Day 23: Go Go (2 ½ minute read)
Kenji learns more than he expected when building an AI. fiction
Day 24: Emergency Rental (1 ½ minute read)
There is one appointment you cannot miss. Unless of course, there's a company policy against it. speculative fiction
Day 25: Foot Powers (1 minute read)
There are expectations that come with super powers. super hero
Day 26: Cloud Ridden (1 minute read)
The complications in the relationship between a steed and rider. lyrical fantasy
Day 27: Belching (1 ½ minute read)
Be careful what you eat off the alien buffet. science fiction goofiness
Day 28: Magician Boat (4 ½ minute read)
A performer fights with recognition and fame. supernatural maybe horror
Day 29: It Really Ate Him (2 minute read)
Raj knew joining the new colony was going to have challenges, but didn't expect this. speculative fiction
Day 30: Sequined (4 minute read)
A tidbit of historical fiction after I learned the word 'sequin' comes from the name of a specific gold coin. historical
Day 31: Eyeball Trap (2 minute read)
A Lovecraftian horror for our times. eldritch horror